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Vertical wind advances

ARSI Verde and Home Planet are partnering with Star Sailor Wind, LLC. More than a decade of research and development has produced the most reliable, safe and efficient wind turbines to enter the market. New applications to wireless, security and dark skies lighting have begun a new era in powered networks and support for advanced infrastructures development. Star Sailor Wind technology offers a new approach to critical infrastructures and independent non-grid power systems.

Local Vertical WInd vs. Propeller-Based Technology Wind Farms

The fallacy of horizontal or propeller wind efficiency has been perpetuated by grid-based, utility level wind energy. The facts are simple, local power is always more efficient. If we consider that all utility generated power is plagued by eighty (80%) percent transmission losses, even wind farms are less efficient than local vertical wind turbines. The opportunities for hybrid local power production through vertical wind and solar offers a nearly impervious energy solution that counters seasonal losses in wind and solar for most of North America.

The Growth of Vertical Wind Gardens

Business and educational organizations are recognizing the trends in the greening of the operational campus. The growth of local power with increasing concerns over extreme weather, national security and energy cost instability not only improves energy access, but creates a competitive and secure base for operations.

The solar canopy has increased the use of parking lots and even recreation areas for solar power generation, but deficiencies and long term season variances require other options from co-generation to vertical wind gardens.

New vertical wind technology

Star Sailor Wind, LLC. has brought the cost of vertical wind to a point of not just a competitive product, but also increases the reliability and safety of local wind technology unlike any other product.

The Star Sailor Wind Turbines have been in development for more than a decade with operational testing in real hurricane winds and demonstrated safety in a wildlife certified habitat. No other vertical wind turbines offer the versatility of the Star Sailor Wind Turbine technology.

Originally designed for aerospace telemetry and power communications networks, Star Sailor Wind Turbines are supporting local and hybrid power for commercial and dark skies lighting, Wi-Fi and security systems, remote video and virtual fencing, lighted signage and of course aerospace telemetry. Also in keeping with Star Sailor's founder's and investor's personal philosophy, dedicated educational turbines for high schools and colleges.

Living walls, renewable platforms and corporate sustainability

In designing and implementing sustainable solutions for a corporate campus, the only limitation is one’s imagination. Cost effective living additions and renewable energy technologies offer a new approach to renovating or up-dating a corporate campus.

The focus on security is not separate from the goal of creating an inviting and sustainable exterior. New products from companies like Star Sailor Energy provide options for dark skies lighting, security and Wi-Fi without the need of running high-voltage power lines. Star Sailor’s T-Com™ Hybrid and Self-Powered Platforms are designed for free-standing power applications. The hybrid T-Com™ systems utilize Star Sailor’s patented performance adaptive vertical axis turbines (VAT) that differ from conventional systems in their quiet, rugged and reliable design. Unlike conventional horizontal or propeller wind turbines, the T-Com™ units have operated in the most demanding conditions with low maintenance and a high-margin of safety for humans, birds and bats.

Living walls can further diversify not just the aesthetic, but the habitat surrounding facilities. Living walls add security and privacy while decreasing storm water run-off in dedicated rain gardens and barriers.

The benefits of certifying your corporate campus as a wildlife habitat

The benefits of creating a wildlife habitat on a corporate property are becoming better understood. From rain gardens to bat boxes to salamander towers, a healthy natural space increases the health of workers and may reduce storm water fees and decrease maintenance costs.

Other benefits are seen in increased productivity and an acknowledgement from customers and the community that your organization is dedicated to responsible and sustainable operations which can only further improve your bottom line.

There are several approaches to habitat development and certification. Most modern landscape architects will have at least a passing understanding of habitat definitions and components. The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) provides a set of requirements and guidelines. Local wildlife and conservation groups can also provide information on the types of habitat support that will be the most productive for your area.

Simple components such as salamander towers, bat boxes and rain gardens with ground cover will establish support for a variety of local wildlife. Further these habitat support components will add diverse aesthetic features to small recreation and garden areas on the corporate campus or industrial site improving the local habitat for everyone.



Architectural Wind and the Built Community

The new approach to integrating wind turbines into building design has matured in recent years. It is no longer a fad in Europe or Great Britain and buildings can be seen across skylines sporting all varieties of wind turbines from London to Dubai.

Now Star Sailor Wind and ARSI Verde have partnered to create concept designs and integrate hybrid building systems for augmented, back-up and energy independent buildings.

Wi-Fi, security and virtual fencing is offering further opportunities to integrate vertical wind turbines in self-powered networks. The decade long testing of the Star Sailor Wind Turbines has demonstrated reliability and safety not found in horizontal or propeller wind turbines. Star Sailor's unique design allows all sizes of their wind turbines to be stacked up to twelve (12) high.

Below: 200-W prototype supporting up to 680-watts of hybrid power with solar. Storage options include battery and mechanical storage as well as instrumentation platforms, camera mounts, microwave permeable enclosures and patented remote data reporting. Networking options include Wi-Fi, cellular, mesh and mobile computing access.

Below: An independent energy, off-the-grid manufacturing and R&D facility designed as part of the ARSI Verde Global Tech Center Project.

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