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Natural water ways provide a variety of eco-services and cool data centers and manufacturing plants through circulating loops in stream pools and lakes.

Home Planet Solutions™ and ARSI Verde are leveraging more than a decade of experience in project services and systems engineering to create sustainable assets for our clients and partners. We are innovating in new and revolutionary ways to advance not just sustainable solutions, but establish value that adds to the bottom line.

The Sustainable Assets Plan™ benefits small and large business alike, Home Planet Solutions expertise in this new area ads value beyond the positional good.
Natural water ways and lakes cool data centers and agricultural waste power co-gen plants without gas or petrol while reducing ag-polutants and building strong communities. Our approach to building a corporate Sustainable Assets Plan™ is based on the needs of the customer's financial and growth goals and moves to building their environmental profile. It is not just about a carbon footprint anymore. It is about corporate and community security.

Many organizations are leaving urban areas in favor of more rural sites for corporate campuses and technical centers. This trend offers access to new approaches in sustainable and economic architectures, from energy utilization to buildings services to integrated eco-hubs supporting computing, communications and manufacturing.

The new trend in leveraging Eco-Services to expand capabilities, cut costs and reduce energy requirements and carbon footprints has established eco-services engineering as the fastest growing field of systems engineering in architectural and civil disciplines. The concept of systems integration is moving beyond basic efficiencies and automation to sustainable solutions utilizing eco-services like natural water ways and lakes to cool data centers and agricultural waste to power co-gen plants without gas or petrol while reducing ag-polutants.

The eco-services philosophy of enabling sustainability creates benefits across corporations and their communities locally, nationally and internationally.

Building Partnerships in Substantiality and Innovation

It has been our philosophy from the early days of Aerospace Research Systems, the original ARSI, that sustainability and innovation go hand-in-hand. This continues in ARSI Verde's New Technologists Program. For more information please visit our News page.

Sustainable wind

Star Sailor Energy led the way in wildlife safe wind technologies and support for eco-services with their field testing area being a nature studies research center and certified wildlife habitat from the very beginning. For more information please visit our News page.
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