About ARSI Verde's Home Planet Solutions™

Home Planet Solutions™ is a new approach to sustainable technology solutions. Sustainability is not limited to environmental responsibility or energy efficiency, ARSI Verde, Inc. has created a new standard in sustainability with a product life cycle approach. Home Planet Solutions™ is a new concept in not just product development, but technology assessment, creating a holistic methodology for the development and integration of new products.

The systems based concept begins with an understanding of the required solution and an analysis of potential technology applications including the life cycle of products and their re-use, recycling or energy harnessing disposal. The end result is reduction in waste stream contribution, increased recycling and improvement in energy conservation.

Changing people's approach to product selection and adoption is central to sustainable product success. ARSI Verde and Home Planet Solutions™ utilize a multidisciplinary approach to marketing that both informs and educates on product applications and advantages.

"Sustainability and Innovation go hand-in-hand."

Our customers are our partners in innovation and it is this foundation that builds new concepts, establishes creative processes and gives birth to innovative processes and environments. The experimental environment aided by new approaches in visualization has harnessed the best attributes of our associates and our clients. It is our role to enable innovation, so sustainability and innovation go hand-in-hand.


Partners in innovative communities

Home Planet Solutions and ARSI Verde, Inc. have been part of the Northfield compact for nearly a decade.

Today we are partners in innovative communities, supporting the development and integration of sustainable solutions creating zero-energy and independent energy buildings and communities. Increasing energy security, reinforcing infrastructures and reducing carbon emissions.

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