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The new benchmark in sustainable products and technology™

ARSI Verde, Inc. created a new approach to sustainable product development, based on technical excellence, rigorous processes and above all, a partnership in innovation. ARSI Verde's Home Planet Solutions™ is dedicated to evaluating, designing and marketing the finest in sustainable products and technology solutions.

From environmentally friendly composites to renewable building resources, ARSI Verde, Inc. and its partners are developing exciting new products for sustainable businesses and communities. Introducing Home Planet Solutions™ and Astra Verde™ the new benchmarks in sustainable product development and branding.

Where sustainability and innovation go hand-in-hand.

Understanding the growth of eco-services and new trends redefining corporate and community assets is essential to creating sustainability as an organizational component and not a tag line.

Home Planet Solutions™ and ARSI Verde are leveraging more than a decade of experience in project services and systems engineering to create and define sustainable assets for our clients and partners.

We are innovating in new and revolutionary ways to advance not just sustainable solutions, but establish value that adds to the bottom line. This is the beginning of the age of eco-services engineering in urban and rural areas; for communities and business, lowering costs, reducing carbon production and increasing security in an age of energy instability and global change.



Home Planet News™

Vertical wind advances

ARSI Verde and Home Planet are partnering with Star Sailor Wind, LLC. More than a decade of research and development has produced the most reliable, safe and efficient wind turbines to enter the market. New applications to wireless, security and
dark skies lighting have begun a new era in powered networks and support for advanced infrastructures development. Star Sailor Wind technology offers a new approach to critical infrastructures and independent non-grid power systems.

Architectural wind for a changing planet

For nearly two decades local wind and solar power installations have augmented energy requirements in Great Britain and Europe. Now Star Sailor Wind has a quiet, bat, bird and human safe vertical axis wind turbine that offers reliable architecturally integrated power.

7.5-kW (7500-watts) in the Tri-Turbine Tower that may include up to 2-kW or 2000 more watts of solar creating secure back-up, augmented power or multi-tower energy independent building.

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